Our Humanitarian Projects:

The “Institute für Baubetreung” (IFB AG) is one of the main players in the border region of Syria, Iraq and Turkey working for the benefit of Kurdish refugees and especially Kurdish children. The CEO of IFB AG, Mr. Ali Orke, has strong family ties into that region and has been fostering education and medical care for Kurdish families in that region for several years now.

Together with regional partners our Director for that region Mr. Orke works as liaison between the Kurdish refugees and official partners. In the past years IFB AG has been able to supply medication, food and clothing for more than 10,000 refugees in partnership with our company BioDesif (Biological Disinfectant).

IFB AG is especially proud to have been able to supported other organizations to build  schools  for more than 400 Kurdish children together with housing and medical facilities for their families. Our focus is and will be to enhance our efforts for the well-being of the Kurdish refugees and to supply as much support as possible. IFB AG plans to build sustainable villages with water supply and sanitation for more than10,000 Kurdish people in the near future. Should you be interested in a donation for the Kurdish refugees, please contact us in our main office at IFB AG.